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"Brian’s expertise, perspectives, and best practices for developing a safety culture was extraordinarily well-received, especially at a time when risk management, accident prevention and mitigation, soaring insurance premiums, and the threat of destructive litigation are the issues keeping our members up at night. Many attendees noted they will take back Brian’s proven track record of success to improve and implement a safety culture designed to ensure their businesses thrive for years to come."

VP Transportation, Specializes Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA)

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"Brian made a presentation and facilitated a workshop at our annual Safety Summit for about 400 leaders in our company. Our company has had a Journey to Zero program for a couple of years now. We decided it was time to have someone from outside the company refresh the message. Brian took the time to learn about our business, challenges, and areas of outstanding performance. Throughout his presentation he used real world examples from his industry as well as relating our company experiences to his message. He truly provided an energized significance to the Journey to Zero message while providing some additional concrete concepts for improving employee safety programs.

One of the measures of a great training is how people are applying the message when they get back to their everyday operations. It has been great to hear our managers and supervisors quoting from Brian’s presentation and developing methods for implementing the ideas. His passion for safety performance was loud and clear throughout his presentation. It will be exciting to see our company put his ideas to work to continue on the Journey to Zero."
Tracy Bartels Health and Safety Manager, Vail Resorts, Inc.

"Feedback from our VP’s and other senior managers was all very positive. Your message was very well received. The skillfully prepared message was on point and held our team captivated because of the connections you made between your experiences with your company and ours. Parallels were drawn and ideas were spawned in their minds on how they could make a greater impact on the safety of their teams." Matthew Crosby Rummel Construction

On behalf of our more than 1,400 member companies in 46 countries, and the nearly 600 attendees of our 33rd Annual Specialized Transportation Symposium, we thank you for the tremendous presentation you delivered last week in Charlotte, NC. Your insight, specifically into engaging front-line employees and the ROI was well received. One attendee summed it best, “After following Mr. Fielkow’s career through his numerous high level media interviews on transportation, his Symposium presentation did not disappoint. SC&RA is fortunate to have him as a spokesperson and leader in our specialized transportation industry.” Steven Todd Vice President, Transportation, Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association

"Brian, your presentation was outstanding and resonated with everyone. It will spark many conversations within everyone’s respective organizations and bring about change. Just consider the conversations it generated today. We will never know how many lives will be saved or injuries averted from this one presentation! I want to thank everyone for making today’s safety meeting a success and renewing the commitment to a safe port Partnering for Progress . Having all of our tenants, stevedores, ILA and other Port partners in the room was great and gives me confidence that we will have the buy in needed. We can do this!" Phyllis Saathoff, CPA Executive Director/CEO

"As a NASA employee, I was required to participate in many training sessions regarding leadership, project management and safety. Brian’s event beats them all. I know I will benefit greatly from the experience." NICOLE STOTT Astronaut, NASA

"Brian’s presentation to our leadership team in June 2014 truly exceeded my expectations and was an outstanding segue into our discussions about how to build our culture and create better alignment.

Jetco Delivery is a valuable industry partner to the Port of Houston, so hearing Brian’s experiences with developing the “Driving to Perfection” (D2P) culture at Jetco was very relatable to our team. Jetco’s transformation really made our leadership team reflect on our culture, values, and purpose at the Port. We have used all of the positive energy generated during our meeting to continue our journey toward cultural excellence in our organization. We’ve focused on building upon our key takeaways and promoting the message throughout our organization.

In addition, we handed out Brian’s book to all the participants after the meeting so we could continue the dialogue at future sessions. The book is a must-read for anyone in a leadership position looking for practical, concrete ideas that any company can implement to see tangible results.

Since our meeting, Brian has periodically checked in to ask about our progress and to see if there’s any way he can continue helping in our transformation. This really demonstrates how committed and passionate he is about helping others. I truly appreciate Brian’s support as we focus on transforming our culture."
ROGER GUENTHER Executive Director, Port of Houston Authority

"Brian's vision of what his company needed to improve the safety of employees and the general public was the reason we requested him to come speak at our seminar. Every owner in the industry needs to hear Brian's presentation. His message that safety and operations can work together to improve the overall company culture, while growing the business, disproves the popular assumption in our industry that safety and operations/revenues are at odds with each other. Brian also showed that by involving the employees from the start, you'll have "buy in", as it is their program. The employees take pride in their work while representing the company. And, as Brian states, costs are minimal to implement these changes, yet the ROI, including savings and increased business, makes me wonder why more aren't following Brian's lead." LOUIS THOMPSON Safety Director, Beaver Express

“Brian made a presentation to our executive operations and plant management team in November 2011. Our safety program had made a good deal of progress but had plateaued, and we needed a shot in the arm to achieve the next level. Brian’s presentation combined several elements that inspired our group. There was a passion conveyed throughout the day that was truly inspirational. The combination of real life experience and employee involvement, along with the development and implementation of a safety vision that became part of the culture at Jetco, captured our team’s attention. We left energized and many of the concepts we learned have become part of our culture. We just completed our first policy year since the meeting. The number of work comp incidents was cut in half and our losses are down 75%. I believe the message from Brian’s presentation contributed significantly to our current success and will continue to do so in the future.” JON VOSBURG Chief Financial Officer, Pioneer Industries International

“In my role as the Executive Vice President of Great West Casualty Company, I have known Brian Fielkow and Jetco Delivery since 2006. In that time, I have watched Jetco create, implement and refine its “Driving to Perfection” (D2P) culture, and I have also seen the benefits they've derived from this program. I invited Brian to speak at a regional leadership seminar in April 2012, where he shared his firsthand experience in promoting a culture of safety and empowerment among employees, while increasing revenue, with our audience of trucking and insurance professionals. The feedback on Brian’s presentation was excellent, and I'm sure everyone in attendance brought some of these ideas back to their companies to generate similar results.” PHIL MAHONEY Executive Vice President, Great West

"As a trade association representing the Texas trucking industry, we are always exploring various avenues to enhance the value of membership to our organization. We recently held our first Trucking Executives Management Conference and invited Brian Fielkow to be our lead presenter, setting the tone for the conference. Brian did an excellent job discussing his 'Driving to Perfection' (D2P) program, which establishes a culture of safety, commitment and the drive towards excellence. He delivered great information and concepts for attendees to work towards implementing within their respective companies.

Throughout the years, we have had the opportunity to work with many speakers and Brian ranks at the top with his expertise, presentation proficiency and audience engagement. Among the many positive comments we received regarding Brian's presentation was the credibility he brings. 'Brian is not only speaking about D2P, he is living it.'"
LANCE SHILLINGBURG Senior Vice President Safety and Education, Texas Trucking Association (TXTA)

"What an experience! Brian Fielkow was the December luncheon speaker at our executive group. Brian is interesting, informative, inspirational and impressive. He lives, breathes and teaches culture, and not a single person left the room without having new ideas and action items to improve their organizations. It was a stellar way to close the year." WALTER ULRICH President & CEO Houston Technology Center

"Brian was our speaker of choice this past year at our annual conference where he gave a presentation and hosted an interactive workshop for an audience of 75 people. Prior to his presentation, Brian took time to get to know our business, challenge areas, and areas of outstanding performance. This allowed him to tailor an impactful presentation and workshop to our audience’s specific needs. Brian’s message that safety and operations can work together to improve the overall company culture, all while continuing to grow the business is exactly what we strive for. The feedback we received confirmed that his presentation was both relevant and engaging, and we continue to reiterate the messages that Brian taught us." KATHRYN MUJEZINOVIC VP, Business Development, Link Staffing
"Brian delivered his “Driving to Perfection” keynote to the Houston Texans' business leadership team. At the Houston Texans, we realize that our culture is one of our keys to victory, but building a healthy culture is a journey without a finish line. Brian's presentation was engaging and relatable, and our team left with ideas that we will immediately implement to take our winning culture to an even higher level. Rather than offer platitudes that sound great but lack a "how to" component, Brian offered our team value-added tools that we will now adapt and implement as we enhance our internal culture. Whether you’re running an NFL franchise, a Main Street business or non-profit , and regardless of the size of your organization, Brian's keynote will help you create a championship culture for long term success." JAMEY ROOTES President Houston Texans

"We’ve grown our company 65% organically over the last 16 months while cutting driver turnover rates in half. I’ve been asked several times how and the simple answer is we’ve changed our culture. Brain’s book is a “How To” on what you need to be doing to create a vibrant culture which achieves excellence. We’ve implemented several of his suggestions into our business and have a list of others we intend to implement. Knock those silo’s down and engage your entire organization to solve your toughest challenges. We’ve had Brian speak and lead highly productive workshops which have spring boarded our progress!" BRAD PINCHUK President, Hirschbach Motor Lines

“We were very fortunate to have Brian Fielkow present the keynote address at the National Tank Truck Carrier’s (NTTC) Annual Tank Truck Show & Maintenance Seminar last month in Louisville. The Tank Truck Show is our largest event of the year and Brian’s “Driving to Perfection” (D2P) presentation was very well-received by our attendees, who mostly represent the operations side of our business. His presentation was thoughtful, reflective and quite meaningful to our audience. Brian’s safety commitment at Jetco strongly echoes the NTTC’s safety mission for our unique industry. His firsthand, C-level account of the importance of building a safety culture within his organization offered our attendees critically important guidance that could be readily applied back home at their respective operations. For those who have yet to embrace a safety culture, Brian’s presentation was a significant wake-up call. For those who have such a culture, Brian affirmed the value and necessity of a company-wide commitment to safety.” DAN FURTH President, National Tank Truck Carriers, Inc.

“Brian spoke with the management team at our Amarillo facility in May 2012 about the impact of the “Driving to Perfection” (D2P) program on Jetco Delivery. We felt his program was very easy to follow and offered simple, concrete ideas that we could use at our company. We created a plan modeled after D2P and titled it “Always Pursue Perfection.” We then charged our 18-person management team with the task of deciding how to get our employees to buy into this program, and we then divided this larger group into smaller groups to explore specific core values through employee questionnaires. We’ve also started advertising our program and send out quarterly brochures to our employees and their families. We’re getting close to actually implementing parts of our program, including an instant messaging board to improve internal communications and providing an area dedicated to drivers that is more comfortable and inviting, to increase productivity in our shop and other main areas. We’re also writing our own internal manual based on Brian’s ideas. It does take time to start a program like this, but it is time well-spent. Brian’s program certainly provided value to our company, and we recommend him to other businesses seeking to improve safety, operations and productivity.” BRAD POHLMEIER President, Kimrad Transport, LP CURT POHLMEIER General Manager, Kimrad Transport, LP

"Brian's presentation was refreshing and eye-opening. Of course our employees are the most important factor in the success of our company, but the D2P philosophy offered a different perspective on their importance. It preaches the combination of respect, teamwork, accountability and morality as the foundation to a working environment all employees should get excited about and appreciate. The simplistic approach to create this positive culture was very compelling and left many from our group thinking about how to implement some of strategies provided by Brian." JON COCA The Machinery Haulers Association Board Member & President of Diamond Transportation System

"Brian spoke at the annual Southwest Movers Association conference. I particularly appreciated him sharing the ramifications of culture in the workplace, and I enjoyed sitting in on his session and taking note of the interest and active participation by the members. The members gave a major thumbs-up on his presentation and appreciated the opportunity to glean a great deal of helpful information from his presentation." JOHN ESPARZA President and CEO, Texas Motor Transportation Association

"Brian delivered his “Driving to Perfection” presentation and workshop at our TransLand executive planning session. We’ve been on a transformative journey for about two years, so his presentation was timely and helped our leaders connect the dots between their ideas for building a strong culture and Brian’s proven techniques. We were impressed that with a brief amount of data, Brian could identify our culture killers and provide firm counsel on how to proceed. TransLand will most assuredly be implementing our personal brand of D2P thanks to outstanding guidance. Going into this session, I was concerned several members of my team would dismiss Brian’s message. I’m pleased to report that not only did everyone receive the message well, they are excited to get it implemented at TransLand. I’m confident this is the recipe for us to breakthrough to new levels of performance." MARK WALKER Chairman and CEO, TransLand

"Brian’s presentation to our management staff was a big hit! His approach to leadership and safety closely mirrors ours and he is able to communicate it in a way that really hits home. He kept everyone’s attention throughout and ended with a lively group discussion. His book is a great resource when implementing his ideas." JEFF HAKALA Vice President, Texas Ports at Ceres Gulf, Inc.

"Brian knocked it out of the park at our Houston Northwest Chamber meeting, and we can’t thank him enough. His message is simple, sound and usable — excellent." BARBARA THOMPSON President, Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce

"It was our great pleasure to feature Brian Fielkow as the kickoff speaker for our Fall Safety Council Series. Brian’s presentation, Driving to Perfection, was a homerun with our group.

Rather than just theory, his session featured solid principles backed by the real-life experiences of his trucking operation. His mini-case studies really resonated with our audience of trucking pros. His willingness to share failures and what they learned from them was much appreciated. He has an engaging style and outstanding visuals to drive his message home. Our feedback has been nothing but positive.

I highly recommend Brian for your group. You will be challenged and energized."
JOHN HAUSLADEN President, Minnesota Trucking Association

"Brian, your presentation was outstanding and resonated with everyone.  It will spark many conversations within everyone’s respective organizations and bring about change.   Just consider the conversations it generated today.  We will never know how many lives will be saved or injuries averted from this one presentation! I want to thank everyone for making today’s safety meeting a success and renewing the commitment to a safe port Partnering for Progress .  Having all of our tenants, stevedores, ILA and other Port partners in the room was great and gives me confidence that we will have the buy in needed.  We can do this!" LOUIS THOMPSON Safety Director, Beaver Express

"Recently, I lead a group of a dozen grain farmers on an infrastructure study tour through four states. The goal of the trip was to develop farmer leaders who can speak to the press, legislators, consumers, and other farmers about infrastructure challenges and how to solve them. Our heavy travel and meeting schedule allowed time for only one major presentation on issues facing the trucking industry; Brian Fielkow was our chosen speaker. His presentation and discussion with our group was right on target and his true to life anecdotes based on his industry experience were great illustrations of the types of constraints this nation faces as demand for freight movement by truck increases. The farmers, some of whom are truckers themselves or utilize trucking companies to market their grain, appreciated Brian’s ability to articulate the problems (whether local, state, or national) and to discuss potential solutions." TAMARA A. NELSEN Senior Director of Commodities, Illinois Farm Bureau®

"I highly recommend this excellent book. If you are looking for a practical, hands-on guide to creating a high impact, life-changing and special culture for your organization, then this is a must read. Brian is not an academic — he is an actual business leader with 25 years of real life experience and proven success to draw from." JOHN BINKLEY Vice President and Senior Recruiter, PointOne Recruiting Services