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"Brian’s presentation to our management staff was a big hit! His approach to leadership and safety closely mirrors ours and he is able to communicate it in a way that really hits home. He kept everyone’s attention throughout and ended with a lively group discussion. His book is a great resource when implementing his ideas."
Vice President,
Texas Ports at Ceres Gulf, Inc.

"A CEO's Perspective"

Hiring and retaining the best employees…customer safety requirements…rising insurance costs…a hostile litigation environment. To meet these challenges, today’s executive must know how to lead people safely. This cannot be delegated. Companies that make prevention and risk management core competencies enjoy a sustainable competitive advantage against their peers. Brian Fielkow is a CEO running a high-consequence logistics company, and he is a sought-after leadership speaker. He brings real-world perspective to his audiences and will share ideas for business leaders to grow their safety cultures and outcomes.


Safety & the C-Suite is designed for leaders of high consequence organizations.

Expect candid conversation around topics which are critical to your company’s success and survival. The event is structured as a keynote and a same day workshop/discussion. 

Put 30 years of experience, to work for you. Here are the top reasons why you need to hire Brian Fielkow as YOUR next Safety speaker now…

    30 years of executive leadership experience. Brian relates to his audiences as a peer. Practical, hands on advice. No fluff!

    Experience leading privately held and Fortune 100 companies. Solutions that work in all environments. Easy to implement – High Value – Low Cost!

    Presented internationally to tens of thousands on the how to build a healthy company culture.

    Nationally recognized thought leader on topics of building engaged workforces and cultures that deliver bottom line results. Featured frequently in national media outlets including Fox Business, Inc, Wall Street Journal and Entrepreneur.

    One of Houston’s most admired CEO’s (Houston Business Journal); National Safety Council Distinguished Service to Safety Award; Vistage International Leadership Award.



Safety & The C-Suite Focuses on:

  • Safety Culture

    What is a safety culture, and why is it important?

  • Utilizing Useful Tools

    Tools for leaders to drive a safety culture throughout an organization

  • Sound Strategy

    Strategies to anchor your safety culture to your front-line employees

  • Leading Principles

    Ten leadership principles to deliver extraordinary safety results

  • An Actionable Plan

    A game plan to establish and grow your safety culture

  • Promoting Accountability

    How to promote accountability — make the safe decision, even when no one is looking

“Brian made a presentation to our executive operations and plant management team in November 2011. Our safety program had made a good deal of progress but had plateaued, and we needed a shot in the arm to achieve the next level.

Brian’s presentation combined several elements that inspired our group. There was a passion conveyed throughout the day that was truly inspirational. The combination of real life experience and employee involvement, along with the development and implementation of a safety vision that became part of the culture at Jetco, captured our team’s attention.

We left energized and many of the concepts we learned have become part of our culture. We just completed our first policy year since the meeting. The number of work comp incidents was cut in half and our losses are down 75%. I believe the message from Brian’s presentation contributed significantly to our current success and will continue to do so in the future.”

Chief Financial Officer,
Pioneer Industries International

"It was our great pleasure to feature Brian Fielkow as the kickoff speaker for our Fall Safety Council Series. Brian’s presentation, Driving to Perfection, was a homerun with our group.

Rather than just theory, his session featured solid principles backed by the real-life experiences of his trucking operation. His mini-case studies really resonated with our audience of trucking pros. His willingness to share failures and what they learned from them was much appreciated. He has an engaging style and outstanding visuals to drive his message home. Our feedback has been nothing but positive.

I highly recommend Brian for your group. You will be challenged and energized."

Minnesota Trucking Association

Safety & The C-Suite: At Its Core

The following are core messages contained in Brian Fielkow’s Safety & The C-Suite Keynote. Content is customized to the requirements of each audience.

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  • What’s Competing for Safety?

    Identify the factors in your company that may negatively impact safety performance. They include: allowing production pressure to force safety shortcuts, delegated safety leadership, institutional acceptance of incidents and sugar coating the facts. We’ll develop a plan to overcome these common challenges, and we’ll ensure that nothing competes for safety in your organization.

  • The real cost of an incident

    We will explore how to calculate the real cost of incidents and injuries. Insurance loss runs are only the beginning. Attendees will receive a worksheet that they can present to their teams to ensure company wide understanding of incident cost and bottom line impact. 

  • Identify the gaps

    Safety perceptions can vary wildly among executives, managers and front line employees. Attendees will receive and learn how to implement a Safety Perception Survey that will identify the gaps. We will discuss how to address the most pressing challenges.

  • Your company can cause a crash

    When investigating an incident or close call, we often look at the individuals involved. In reality, underlying organizational factors might have contributed to the event. We’ll explore the role of organizational accountability and safety performance. 

  • Safety incentives

    Do they really work? We’ll debate this issue and then discuss ways to structure effective safety recognition programs. 

  • Capture your leading indicators

    Your P&L statement, loss runs, KPl’s and safety scores have something in common. They reflect past events. When it comes to safety, we must find our leading indicators - the behaviors, technology and data that predict future outcomes. 

  • “Just Culture”

    Explore why a “one size fits all” discipline based approach to safety failures is not effective .

  • Unconditional Respect for Process

    Avoid letting shortcuts become the norm and develop processes tailored to your front line teams. 

  • Leading Change

    New safety initiatives make sense only if they can be integrated throughout the organization. Many ideas fail at the execution stage. We’ll review best practices to ensure that changes are owned and embraced by the whole organization. 

  • I get it - but my CEO does not

    Is this what your safety professionals think? We’ll discuss ways to better engage our teams to ensure alignment and results. We’ll discuss how to ensure that safety is leader driven and employee owned. 

  • Fight Back!

    Learn best practices for executive engagement in the claims management/ loss control process.

  • From crisis to opportunity

    Incidents… natural disasters…pandemics…cyber
    threats. The list is endless. We will explore how you can use times of extreme challenge to create a healthier culture.

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Discover the Tools to Grow Your Company’s Safety Culture.

Get Your Guide to a Healthy and Successful Safety Culture. You won’t find the keys to safety excellence in rules, regulations and handbooks! Safety excellence is rooted in a robust safety culture. It’s about behavior, philosophy and attitude from the board room to the front lines.



Discover the Tools
to Grow Your Company’s Bottom Line.


"Leading People Safely: How to Win on the Business Battlefield provides a roadmap for safety leadership. Rest assured that your efforts to implement these ideas can mean the difference between winning and losing on the business battlefield."

The Honorable Robert L. Sumwalt,
National Transportation Safety Board Chairman, Leading People Safely, Foreword

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