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Trucking Executives, Transportation Experts Discuss Distracted Driving

Posted by Brian Fielkow on Apr 15, 2019 1:40:51 PM
Brian Fielkow

Transportation companies — including trucking groups — can improve safety by promoting accountability at the individual, executive and peer levels, according to industry representatives.

Brian Fielkow, CEO of Houston-based trucking company Jetco Delivery, said successful accountability consists of three prongs: the individual, the organization and the peers. Fielkow was one of more than 20 speakers who participated in the National Transportation Safety Board’s roundtable discussion on distracted driving April 11.

He said organizations must police themselves as much as drivers exercise self-discipline. Additionally, he said peers within a company should adopt a “my brother’s keeper” approach to safety. For example, if a trucker sees a fellow hauler using a phone, he or she should correct that behavior.

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