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Building a World Class Company Culture

"Brian's presentation was refreshing and eye-opening...the D2P philosophy offered a different perspective...It preaches the combination of respect, teamwork, accountability and morality as the foundation to a successful working environment "
The Machinery Haulers Association Board Member &
President of Diamond Transportation System

Tailored to you

Tailored keynote presentations to meet your industry,  company and audience needs.



Workshops to take your organization’s culture to the next level. Practical, hands-on ideas to transform your organization.


Documented Steps

An understanding of what a thriving culture looks like and concrete action steps to creating one.



Low-cost, high-reward implementation strategies that help establish and sustain a company culture. 

Working with Brian

Audiences leave Brian’s Driving To Perfection presentation with a toolkit of high-value, easy-to-implement ideas that can be put into action immediately.

Easy to understand and execute
Brian is light on theory and platitudes.

Actionable Takeaways
Brian's sessions are Strongly focused on “how-to” ideas.

Highly Interactive
Brian takes time to get to know your audience’s specific challenges and objectives prior to his presentation.

Driving to Perfection Focuses on:

  • Culture Creation

    How to build a healthy company culture

  • Be Competitive

    Creating competitive advantage through cultural excellence

  • Aligned Focus

    How to develop an engaged workforce that is aligned around your mission and values

  • Hiring & Retention

    Hiring and retaining employees who will own your culture

  • Identify & Isolate Issues

    What’s dragging down your culture and how to overcome it

  • An Actionable Plan

    Tools to build your culture

  • The power of process

    Data Driven decision making and execution 

  • The power of people

    How to capture the power of your front line leaders

Put 30 years of experience, to work for you. Here’s why Brian can help you take your company culture and performance to a whole new level.

    30 years of executive leadership experience. Brian relates to his audiences as a peer. Practical, hands on advice. No fluff!

    Experience leading privately held and Fortune 100 companies. Solutions that work in all environments. Easy to implement – High Value – Low Cost!

    Presented internationally to tens of thousands on the how to build a healthy company culture.

    Nationally recognized thought leader on topics of building engaged workforces and cultures that deliver bottom line results. Featured frequently in national media outlets including Fox Business, Inc, Wall Street Journal and Entrepreneur.

    One of Houston’s most admired CEO’s (Houston Business Journal); National Safety Council Distinguished Service to Safety Award; Vistage International Leadership Award.



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Driving To Perfection: At Its Core

The following are core messages contained in Brian Fielkow’s Driving to Perfection Keynote. Content is customized to the requirements of each audience.

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  • Culture is your ultimate competitive weapon

    Your clients do not pay a premium for your product or service. You earn premium pricing because you deliver your product or service better than your competition. Your ability to consistently outperform your competition is a direct function of the quality of your company culture.

  • Take your front lines with you

    A heathy culture is leader driven and employee owned. Often, a disconnect exists between the C-suite and employees responsible for executing in accordance with your culture. Brian teaches how to anchor your culture organization wide. Brian forcefully reminds leaders of their responsibility to act in alignment with company values.

  • Values vs Priorities

    A company’s culture must be anchored in non-negotiable core values. Yet, daily priorities can cause a company to compromise or ignore core values. This is the point when quality and customer goodwill erode. Brian teaches how to ensure your organization is grounded in its non-negotiable core values.

  • People + Process = Culture

    A healthy culture occurs with the convergence of the right people and process functioning in harmony. Yet, so many company failures arise when employees fail to follow process. Brian shares how to ensure process is understood and followed consistently to promote the best outcomes.

  • Culture Killers

    Complacency, silos and lack of accountability will derail your culture. Brian addresses each of these challenges and how to drive them out of your organization.

  • The Three T’s

    The Three T’s are: Treatment, Transparency
    and Trust. Where the Three T’s are lacking,
    it is difficult to optimize your culture and
    organizational performance. Brian shows his
    audiences how to build the Three T’s, resulting
    in excellent employee engagement.

  • Power vs. Authority

    Identify those front line employees and supervisors who have the power to build your culture.

  • Learn your clients’ cultures

    To grow your business, it is important to understand the cultures of your clients and prospects. Long term success results from attracting clients who share similar values. The best business development professionals know their product and service – and the values that are important to their clients.

  • Culture Contracts

    Create a one-page culture contract spelling out the unique rules of engagement at your company. Integrate this into your orientation process so that there are no questions about your expectations.

  • Engage Your Families

    Engage families in your company’s culture. Family support is essential for employees to truly embrace their jobs.

  • “Just Culture”

    Explore why a “one size fits all” discipline-based approach is not effective. Abandon “oldschool” thinking in favor of just culture.

  • Eliminate Toxic Behavior

    In a healthy culture, employees behave in alignment with your norms. Identify toxic behaviors that are sure to undermine your performance and learn how to properly address those behaviors.

  • Listen to the whispers

    A large client rarely walks away. Excellent employees rarely just quit. Normally, major loss happens after a series of smaller failures. Many of these failures are rooted in short cuts, poor accountability and lack of remedial action. Brian addresses how to listen to the whispers so that you don’t have to clean up major damage.


Discover the Tools to Build A World-Class Company Culture.

Culture is a hard-core business proposition that sets your company apart from your competition and has a profound impact on your bottom line.

Connect with Brian to learn more about Driving to Perfection. 



Discover the Tools
to Grow Your Company’s Bottom Line.


“Written in a succinct, amiable style, Driving to Perfection is a treasure trove of ideas on how to build a culture without spending a lot of money… A smart, comprehensive guidebook steeped in the rough-and tumble realities of business.”

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5 Tips for Building
a Healthy Company Culture

  1. Building Culture

    Building a vibrant culture requires leaders to manage behavior, philosophy and attitude. It’s less about handbooks, rules and regulations.

  2. Communicating Value

    People covet most that which they cannot buy. In a vibrant culture, employees know they are appreciated and their contributions are valued. 

  3. Take A Stand

    Create an internally recognized brand around culture. It is an expression of who you are and what you stand for. 

  4. Align & Balance

    Ensure that compensation and advancement programs reward employees who are both productive and culturally aligned.

  5. Get in the Driver's Seat

    Leadership must drive the culture and pull harder than anyone else. That said, you’ll know it’s working when culturally aligned behavior
    occurs organically and peer-to-peer.

“We felt his program was very easy to follow and offered simple, concrete ideas that we could use at our company. Brian’s program certainly provided value to our company, and we recommend him to other businesses seeking to improve safety, operations and productivity.”



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